Mocha Martini

I’m clearly a lover of the union of coffee and alcohol, having previously mentioned the White Russian, Kahlua, and even coffee Mezcal. Mike and I typically make more coffee than I drink, so when it’s happy hour, it’s time for a Mocha Martini. It’s a rather simple recipe. Ingredients: leftover coffee (which should now be cool or chilled), your choice of creamer, if any at all, chocolate/cocoa (I’ve used Nesquik hot chocolate, melted dark chocolate, and dissolved Colombian hot chocolate bars), and your choice of alcohol (you can’t go wrong with plain vodka or rum).

If making for two, the recipe calls for 4 shots (6 fl oz) of alcohol, and 12 fl oz of coffee (do what you will with the creamer and/or the chocolate). Combine all the ingredients in a shaker filled with ice, let stand (to let it chill), and shake! Now it can be served, be it in classy Martini glasses, or the coffee mugs that were previously used in the morning. We’ve varied our Mocha Martini with my own homemade candy cane vodka and some peppermint mocha creamer for the holidays.

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