What are coffee naps?

Coffee and naps don’t exactly sound like a good pair; after all, isn’t the point of coffee to not sleep or nap? Surprisingly, a coffee nap, if one can take advantage of it, is very effective and simple. All that’s done is drinking a cup of coffee and napping for around 30 minutes. How? First, […]

Mocha Martini

I’m clearly a lover of the union of coffee and alcohol, having previously mentioned the White Russian, Kahlua, and even coffee Mezcal. Mike and I typically make more coffee than I drink, so when it’s happy hour, it’s time for a Mocha Martini. It’s a rather simple recipe. Ingredients: leftover coffee (which should now be […]

Simple Coffee Jokes

This is just a simple coffee joke/puns post. Hopefully you’ll understand them, not cringe as much, or haven’t heard of them all. See you all on the flip side (meaning 2023).

Reusable K-Cups

Let’s be honest, purchasing K-Cups has always been an expensive way of getting coffee. The spent K-Cup is also a bit of a hassle, if you decide to recycle it, as you would peel the lid, empty the grounds, then finally place that plastic cup into your recycle bin, if your community even recycles them […]