Café Britt, Costa Rica’s Starbucks

Café Britt is a gourmet coffee brand founded in Costa Rica, whose primary aim is to bless the world with high quality and unique Costa Rican coffee. When you visit their Cafes in Costa Rica, you can’t help but compare it to Starbucks: A large presence, high quality coffee, and delicious food.

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10 interesting methods of brewing coffee

Featured image is a Vietnamese coffee brew

I know there are various methods in which coffee is brewed – French press, espresso, and pour over. However, this article brought to my attention even more methods of brewing coffee, each possibly having their own advantages, history, or aesthetic properties. Out of all the methods shown, two have piqued my interest, which I will talk about below.

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Arabica Columbian Folgers Medium Roast and Great Value Medium Dark Roast

I really enjoy trying new things, be it beer, wine, or coffee. I previously enjoyed Folgers Dark Roast coffee, so this time I tried Folgers Medium Roast. Unlike the dark roast, the medium roast was surprisingly very mild, tasting similarly to a mild tea, as it lacked the toasty and pungency characteristics of darker roast coffees. Sipped black, I think you can actually taste the water, making it too easy to tell if the coffee was brewed with filtered or tap water.

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Morning cup of…pesticide…and protein? Kind of.

I thought it would be interesting to point out that coffee, specifically the caffeine in it, is actually a pesticide; caffeine is a neurotoxin to insects and small critters (such as snails). This property of coffee protects it against almost any tiny lifeform attempting to munch on it. However, caffeine addict Coffee Berry Borer (and friends) are immune to the deadly effects of caffeine.

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