Mr. Black Mezcal Cask Coffee Liqueur

Mr. Black is an Australian brand of unique Coffee Liqueurs, with their original flagship Coffee Liqueur simply being premium cold brew coffee.

As far as I can tell, there’s currently two other variants, Amaro, which you could liken to a gin based coffee Liqueur (as it is infused with botanicals) and Rum Barrel, in which the coffee liqueur is aged in barrels previously used for rum.

Mr. Black’s current line of products.

Their newest product is similar to the latter, in which their coffee liquer is aged in barrels previously used by their newest partner, Ilegal Mezcal (based in Oaxaca, Mexico). For those that aren’t Mezcal savvy, it’s an agave based spirit just like tequila, but with a different type of agave. The harvested agave hearts are cooked, giving Mezcal its distinctive smoky flavor. After the coffee liqueur is finished aging, a touch of Ilegal’s Joven Mezcal is added, creating an ‘Ilegal” union of flavors.

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