Colombian Hot Chocolate

Just as there are a wide variety of styles of coffee varying in cultures, such as those that like their coffee extremely rich, or frown on instant coffee, there is the same for hot chocolate.

It’s a virus… It’s a beer… No, It’s Colombian Hot Chocolate!

I think it is safe to say that us Americans have experienced packets instant hot chocolate as a childhood treat during winter months. Colombia however, takes hot chocolate seriously. Hot chocolate isn’t reserved as a childhood treat for the cold months, but are a part of life (everything delicious should be!). Colombian Hot Chocolate (the brand I’m using is Corona) are sticks made of pure dark chocolate and course sugar, which is placed in a hot water (or milk if you so desire). Being dark chocolate, the beverage is quite bitter and not that sweet, something that requires a more sophisticated palate, like those that drinks their coffee minimally sweet. You can up the ante and make a mocha too, simply dissolving the stick in a cup of hot coffee. Despite the hot chocolate resembling a chocolate bar, it’s not edible in that form, as it is too course and hard.

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