Starbucks: Food sustainability

We almost always think Starbucks as just a café and seller of coffee, but Starbucks really likes making food too. You’ve likely been tempted by the delicious smells of their breakfast options, such as a turkey bacon cheddar and egg sandwich.

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Chance the Rapper and Starbucks: Made Ready interview

The award-winning artist is partnering with Starbucks for the new Made Ready campaign, inspired by Starbucks Ready to drink canned and bottled coffees – and people who are always ready for new opportunities.

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Uses for spent coffee grounds

After coffee is finished brewing, the grounds that gave birth to your cup of joe is often tossed away without any second thought. If your first thought is that the grounds can be reused as compost or fertilizer: you’re correct! Spent coffee grounds are great for rejuvenating destroyed forests (which was previously mentioned in my coffee sustainability post). But there’s several other uses as well, such as in culinary applications or even a part of a personal care routine.

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