Kahlua Coffee Liqueur

We already know there’s a myriad of ways to use coffee, be it in deserts, countless beverages, or even beers, coffee is also deliciously made into liqueur (alcohol spirit infused with flavor), an unholy covenant of the world’s most popular substances. Whereas the caffeine in coffee is a stimulant, ethanol is a depressant. Kahlua is […]

What are coffee naps?

Coffee and naps don’t exactly sound like a good pair; after all, isn’t the point of coffee to not sleep or nap? Surprisingly, a coffee nap, if one can take advantage of it, is very effective and simple. All that’s done is drinking a cup of coffee and napping for around 30 minutes. How? First, […]

Dunkin’ Donuts Mocha Latte Cereal

I saw this on the shelf doing some grocery shopping this week and I just had to snag it and sample it. I’m not a huge of their coffee but I love their donuts and after a bowl or two of this java flavored cereal I’m a fan as well. They even have a dedicated […]

Mocha Martini

I’m clearly a lover of the union of coffee and alcohol, having previously mentioned the White Russian, Kahlua, and even coffee Mezcal. Mike and I typically make more coffee than I drink, so when it’s happy hour, it’s time for a Mocha Martini. It’s a rather simple recipe. Ingredients: leftover coffee (which should now be […]