Italy may claim Espresso under UNESCO Heritage

Espresso, as with various types of coffee brews and coffee based drinks originated from or can at least trace their roots to Italy. The Espresso (not as a strength of coffee but as a brewing method) represents a ritual and something Italians take pride in. Italy had already submitted an application two years ago, but UNESCO denied it. It’s not because UNESCO hates Italy or Espresso, it’s just that two separate agencies within Italy tried to claim Espresso as their own (whoops)

“In Italy, coffee is much more than a simple drink: it is an authentic ritual, it is an integral part of our national identity and an expression of our social relationships that distinguishes us around the world”

deputy agricultural minister Gian Marco Centinaio

Italy’s Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies unanimously approved the application for the UNESCO, though it still must go through the Italian National Unesco Commission, and if successful, it will be sent to¬†UNESCO’s headquarters for the final decision.

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