Starbucks Organic Winter Blend

Whole beans: Whole bean coffee can seem a hassle, especially if you lack a coffee grinder and end up having to use the coffee grinder (Costco provides grinders for free), which can get a little messy! Even if you must go through that, the advantage of whole beans is that they are significantly preserved (in both shelf life and flavor) in storage than if they were preground. For best results, a coffee maker with a built-in grinder is recommended, as each and every brew will always be as fresh as possible.

Our first coffee maker (Black+Decker) with a grinder built-in.

The blended coffee is indeed fit to be called a winter blend. It is robust coffee, whose roast and bean variety (Latin American and Asia/Pacific beans) provide an earthy, toasty, rejuvenating stimulating aroma and taste. In addition, the coffee lacks bitterness, even when brewed hot, making it smooth no matter how you drink it. As such, it’s like a more exciting blond coffee roast. It makes for an exceptionally smooth beverage, be it iced, as a frappuccino, or loaded with flavored creamer.

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