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Pumpkin Spice Latte set to debut August 24th this year

I heard about this last week on the radio and I made a mental note. I have been poking around trying to see if I could find some confirmation or official announcement but to no avail. After reading some articles from previous launches and roll outs by Starbucks I found this blog post today and I’m ready to jump on the announcement band wagon!

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Why Dunkin’ spent $100M in 2019

A couple of weeks ago I discovered Dunkin’ Donuts cereal. It’s still on my shelf and while it’s a little too sweet for me for breakfast I do snack on it sometimes after dinner. I never been too personally experienced with the Dunkin’ brand I put it on my radar for the purposes of the new JAVAWAVA. Here’s a great, informative piece put out by CNBC a couple of years ago when Dunkin’ invested $100M in an ambitious effort to shore up their coffee operations.

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Please meet the dark chocolate mocha

I made one of the greatest personal coffee discoveries this week and I’m totally over the moon about it. I’m generally a big fan of mochas anyway and a tall nonfat peppermint mocha no whip has been my go to Starbucks drink for years. This week I made another huge discovery that I think will reverberate my taste buds for even more years to come! Please allow me to introduce you to the DARK CHOCOLATE MOCHA. Here is a recipe I found on video for one you can make at home!

The dark chocolate mocha art graphic I used for this blog is from an artist named Anastasiya Malakhova and you can purchase her artwork over at FineArt America.