Morning cup of…pesticide…and protein? Kind of.

I thought it would be interesting to point out that coffee, specifically the caffeine in it, is actually a pesticide; caffeine is a neurotoxin to insects and small critters (such as snails). This property of coffee protects it against almost any tiny lifeform attempting to munch on it. However, caffeine addict Coffee Berry Borer (and friends) are immune to the deadly effects of caffeine.

They will inevitably inhabit a great deal of crops and if not dealt with, cause further ruination on the shelf (the roasting process of coffee beans effectively kills insects, preventing further damage and at least ensures the consumer isn’t greeted by live bugs). As disgusting as that sounds, no food (that is real) is ever completely free of questionable critter matter. With this in mind, don’t freak out, and never take for granted good (and visibly bug free) coffee.

This beetle can have unlimited caffeine thanks to bacteria in its stomach.
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