The weird relationship between coffee and cigarettes

What could coffee and nasty cigarettes (you can probably tell I’m not a smoker) possibly have in common you ask? Both possess stimulative compounds: caffeine for coffee, and nicotine for cigarettes.

Both are addictive, and almost similar, which is why it may not be too surprising that smokers are more likely to consume (and more) coffee/caffeine than non-smokers. Smokers may also perform both tasks at the same time; coincidentally, coffee consumption in smokers may also trigger a craving for cigarettes.

There’s movies, songs, and even establishments about coffee and cigarettes…

Before getting any further, please understand that nicotine still isn’t the same as caffeine (anyone who claims otherwise echos Big Tobacco’s attempts to misinform) and is worse in terms of addictiveness and its impact on health, not to mention cigarettes are just outright toxic. Anyways, Nicotine greatly increases (up to 100%) the body’s metabolism of caffeine, which may cause smokers to consume more coffee in order to feel the effects of caffeine. Coffee may also make the taste of cigarettes more appealing to the smoker, because cigarettes apparently have a taste. Paradoxically, new (and ongoing) research shows that chemicals in coffee may actually curb the desire to smoke and lessen ‘morning’ nicotine cravings.

Source: via MSN (Health Digest)

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