Kirkland Irish Cream Liqueur

One of the best cheat codes in the relm of coffee yumminess I have ever had is found at Costco. Irish cream liqueur is delicious in almost any form, but the quality and value of what Costco’s sells ticks all the boxes of a great buy.

From the back label:

“Kirkland Signature Irish Cream is a rich, smooth blend of fresh dairy cream, smooth Irish spirits and Irish Whiskey. Velvety caramel and chocolate notes combine with a creamy, balanced finish. This cream liqueur is best enjoyed straight, chilled over ice, with coffee or in your favorite cocktail.”

Adding a splash of Irish cream liqueur to a hot cup of coffee will make your morning. The bottle you buy at Costco is a whopping handle (1.75L) and costs less than $12. We highly recommend it!

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