Costa Rican Pour Over Coffee

Pour over coffee is just as its name suggests; [hot] water is poured over ground coffee beans that are sitting in a filter (be it paper or cloth) in which the water drips into a container. There are many variants for pour over coffee, but one that was fascinating to me was the chorreador, a pour over coffee device in Costa Rica. As far as I could tell, the chorrear is widely used by Costa Ricans, and is seen sold in gift shops and Cafe Britt (the Starbucks of Costa Rica).

The chorreador, whose name comes from the Spanish term chorrear (to drip), is a simple wood frame, with a hole where a piece of cloth (the ‘sock’) resides. A coffee cup is typically placed underneath as the coffee brews; simple and quick. Pour over coffee is known to be robust and more earthy tasting, not to mention that Costa Rican coffee also tends to be very strong in its taste.

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