Cafe Britt’s Brewing Series: CHOREADOR

No visit to Costa Rica is complete without a café chorreado, or a pour-over coffee made with a traditional cotton filter. This brewing method allows you to fully control the process, including coffee-to-water ratio, pouring speed, and time of infusion.

Café Britt, Costa Rica’s Starbucks

Café Britt is a gourmet coffee brand founded in Costa Rica, whose primary aim is to bless the world with high quality and unique Costa Rican coffee. When you visit their Cafes in Costa Rica, you can’t help but compare it to Starbucks: A large presence, high quality coffee, and delicious food.

Costa Rican Pour Over Coffee

Pour over coffee is just as its name suggests; [hot] water is poured over ground coffee beans that are sitting in a filter (be it paper or cloth) in which the water drips into a container. There are many variants for pour over coffee, but one that was fascinating to me was the chorreador, a […]

1820 Costa Rican Coffee

A standard coffee that I’ve seen and had throughout my trip to Costa Rica last week is 1820 Coffee. It is very pungent and robust, being 100% Arabica . The flavors are very earthy, as in, its, it tastes like dirt/mud, perhaps owing to Costa Rica’s rich soils, and is accompanied with herbaceous notes.