Reusable K-Cups

Let’s be honest, purchasing K-Cups has always been an expensive way of getting coffee. The spent K-Cup is also a bit of a hassle, if you decide to recycle it, as you would peel the lid, empty the grounds, then finally place that plastic cup into your recycle bin, if your community even recycles them (and there’s not an easy way to check). In the end, it’s easier to toss it and contribute to the plastic waste problem.

Thankfully, there’s reusable K-Cups. They essentially turn your Keurig into a single serve coffee brewery, as reusable K-Cups allow you to place coffee grounds of your choice into them. The reusable K-Cups by Keurig in this post are designed to be used with all Keurig brewers, so there’s no hassle on checking for compatibility.

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