Reusable K-Cups

Let’s be honest, purchasing K-Cups has always been an expensive way of getting coffee. The spent K-Cup is also a bit of a hassle, if you decide to recycle it, as you would peel the lid, empty the grounds, then finally place that plastic cup into your recycle bin, if your community even recycles them […]


Okay, so I have expressed on numerous occasions my disdain for Keurig, in that Keurig brewing machines are quite pricey for doing one job (brew one K-Cup into a cup) and that K-Cups are quite pricey and not great on the environment, all for the sake of convenience. Nevertheless, I had come into the possession […]

A bad fad: Keurig, coffee from hell.

Coffee is one of the most important beverages in the world. It helps many people get through their day with its stimulative properties. It has an important role in social gatherings. It can also be quite tasty, considering its massive usage in desserts or as a pairing with desserts. Coffee is very varied, with over […]