Pro-Trump coffee? How about no.

Coffee is typically one of few things in this world that can bring people together, be it for social gatherings, coworkers getting a quick boost, etcetera. But sometimes, coffee is sold and distributed by not so good people/companies. One of those is Black Rifle Coffee (BRC). They market themselves as conservative, and are featured by Faux news, as well as being popular among Trump circles.

Do not be tricked by their “unyielding” support to first responders, the military and law enforcement. This is merely a Trumpian way to reword, “We’re Trump supporting bigots that think that the idea of [racial] equality is the radical left ‘s agenda. Also, we actually don’t give a rat’s ass about the military, first responders and law enforcement!”. Trump and Republicans’ actions in regards to those entities are quite clear; law enforcement is only good in their eyes if its someone of color being killed. Trump’s disdain for the military is all around YouTube to see. Nevertheless, there is undoubtedly an infestation of Trump supporters in the United States, so Black Rifle Covfefe will definitely herald itself as a Republican Starbucks.

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