Uhhh sparkling coffee?

Sparkling water is a trendy drink, and has been commonly consumed as seltzer water (slightly flavored sparkling water). Now, it’s also made its way into coffee/caffeine beverages. As weird as it sounds, it can make a wonderfully refreshing drink. The sparkling coffee beverage is quite similar to iced teas, in that it is accompanied with fruity/citrus flavors (this in of itself helps to balance carbonated beverage), and is sweetened.

While there are plenty of brands that can these concoctions, perhaps it’s a better bet to make them yourself (it’s not difficult, cheaper, and if you don’t like it, not as much money wasted!). Sparkling water (citrus oriented seltzer water works), concentrated cold brew coffee, and some citrus (orange or lemon), sweetened to your liking. Otherwise, this article mentions plenty of brands to try.

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