Jimmy Butler is in the coffee biz

It looks like Miami Heat All Star forward Jimmy Butler has caught the caffeine wave in 2022. He was sighted last month at the Miami Open checking out some custom shelves he had made for a retail location. Butler is also a big tennis fan so it was a very natural choice to host his biggest opening to date.

I think when it’s coming from one professional athlete to another and they see me constantly drinking BigFace coffee, they know I wouldn’t put any B.S. in my body,” Butler said in an interview with The Associated Press. “And I know everybody’s so cognizant of what they put in their body as a professional athlete in whatever sport. I just want to help put the best in front of you and you take it and run with it if you choose.

His coffee company, BigFace, has its roots in the NBA bubble at Walt Disney World during the height of the pandemic. The actual name BigFace comes from the visual of the portrait of Benjamin Franklin on the 100-dollar bill. It’s bigger than any of the other presidents on any other bill.

Although I personally would never buy a $20 cup of coffee, I’m sure there are athletes and an associate clientele that would. If you’d like to read the rest of this article you can by clicking the button below.

And for good measure, I found this more recent video review of the Big Face Brand that I thought I’d tack on…

Jimmy Butler launched BIG FACE Coffee Brand. It’s a specialty coffee line and I decided to give it a try. A big thank you to Jimmy for sharing his passion for coffee!

416 Coffee YouTube channel

Order Big Face https://bigfacebrand.com/
416 Coffee Co. https://www.416-coffee.com/

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