How much is too high a price for a cup of coffee?

Us Americans, well people in general, love coffee. But just how far does that love extend? For a cup of plain coffee, I, as with most other people (probably) would expect to pay at least $1, be it at a McDonald’s or a 7/11. Starbucks, is pricier at $2, but that’s still not horrid. After all, if you’re at Starbucks, you’re better off buying specialty drinks like Frappuchinos and Mochas anyway.

Now, if we happen to be attending a bona fide sports game, be it at a NFL or NBA game, the prices for virtually everything skyrockets. A cup of coffee easily reaches $20, thanks to some dude, Jimmy Butler taking advantage of American Capitalism. Now, there’s nothing special about these overpriced cups of coffee at all, they’re expensive just for the sake of it, which I would say is shameful.

Still, I wouldn’t pay for coffee that’s supposed to be expensive… But plenty of others will! Due to the simplicity of supply and demand, the usage of marketing terms, and catering to wealthy people, a cup of coffee can range from a modest $20, to $100! The $100 a cup, or $1,029 per pound coffee is Elida Geisha, whose entire line of coffee is expensive to boot, but also their most high end variety, Elida Geisha Natural 1029. Yikes. Some people really do have too much money!

Can one be too serious of a coffee drinker? Or are they just “coffee drinker with lots of money”?
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