Coffee on the go? AeroPress GO

Ah, portability and convenience, two characteristics that usually command steep prices and unnecessary complexity. But what if both were affordable? The AeroPress GO is to coffee as the Instant Pot is for food; that is, it is high in utility while also being portable and simple to use. The most obvious usage of the AeroPress is to brew coffee while traveling, that way you’re no longer at the mercy of potentially bad hotel coffee (or have to go out just for some coffee). You might be thinking the French press already accomplishes this; it does, but the AeroPress appears to do it better. Brew times are a mere 10 seconds (for hot water), or just one minute for cold/room temperature water (seems to me like a very quick cold brew).

Being able to use room temperature water definitely makes it seem great for travel. By default, the AeroPress uses paper filters, which should make cleanup hassle free, since you just have to toss the filter, and get to making another round. There are variety of modifications and usage cases for the AeroPress that seem to make it ideal for everyone (such as a metal strainer, for those that don’t like paper filters). Bear in mind, I don’t actually own the AeroPress GO (yet), so I’m mostly paraphrasing what its users have experienced thus far. With the pandemic and all, I don’t see myself needing this product for now, either.

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