Café Britt, Costa Rica’s Starbucks

Café Britt is a gourmet coffee brand founded in Costa Rica, whose primary aim is to bless the world with high quality and unique Costa Rican coffee. When you visit their Cafes in Costa Rica, you can’t help but compare it to Starbucks: A large presence, high quality coffee, and delicious food.

What makes Café Britt different? Costa Rica, of course, with its unique coffee (here’s 5 reasons why its the best), which is only Arabica beans grown in a tropical climate at high altitude in volcanic soil. Coffee is also produced responsibly; protecting the environment and nature.


Café Britt was founded in 1985 with the aim of nationally marketing the famous Costa Rican coffee. It currently has more than 500 gourmet products and experiences in the form of coffee shops, chocolatiers, gift shops and the Britt Coffee Tour . As experts in Coffee & Chocolates, we create gourmet products and experiences that positively impact our customers and communities. 

Mission and Values

  • Integrity: We act in accordance with ethical values ​​and applicable legislation.
  • Curiosity: We innovate and improve continuously.
  • Increase: We identify opportunities and prepare for the future.
  • Excellence: We are selective about our ingredients, and we aim to provide the highest in quality and highlight each product’s greatest attributes.
  • Awareness: We are commited to the well-being of our employees, our community, and the environment, and we ensure safety in our business process.

Café Britt

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