10 interesting methods of brewing coffee

Featured image is a Vietnamese coffee brew

I know there are various methods in which coffee is brewed – French press, espresso, and pour over. However, this article brought to my attention even more methods of brewing coffee, each possibly having their own advantages, history, or aesthetic properties. Out of all the methods shown, two have piqued my interest, which I will talk about below.

Vacuum pot/Siphon coffee

(Image credit: Janne Moren via Flickr)

This method of brewing coffee highlights the complex chemistry that is coffee. Resembling science lab equipment, it has an industrial aesthetic that would make it sutable at Starbucks (whose architecture is industrial modern). This method of coffee does more than look sciency; it results in a stronger, smoother brew. I leave it to this Wikipedia page (or the article I initially read) to describe its workings.

Kyoto slow drip coffee

(Image credit: Handground)

Slow drop coffee is much more aesthetically pleasing take on the very familiar and traditional drip coffee. This method is just a little more than looks; its method is a mix between drip coffee and French press. Unlike normal drip coffee, Kyoto slow drip uses cold/cool water, and unlike a French press, there is no pressing, just really slow dripping, with the process taking 12-24 hours! Ultimately, the end result is just a cold brew, but the device sure doing the work sure is pretty.

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