E-Z Iced Coffee

As a thrifty college student, I find many opportunities for great deals (or even freebies). One of them is some Stok’s Cold Brew Coffee. Cold brew coffee tends to be exceptionally smooth, and flavorful (depending on the beans); lacking bitterness, making it ideal for an iced coffee beverage. The Stok’s cold brew jug is very convenient to have around, and it comes black. Just grab your favorite liquid creamer and sweetener and you’re good to go. Interestingly, I never noticed that cold brew

Need a quick fix? SToK Espresso Shots

Sometimes, you may not feel like making a trip to a cafe/restaurant to get a quick cup of coffee, or making your own brew; you might even wake up feeling too tired to do that anyway. For convenience and ease, I bought a large pack of SToK “Espresso” shots, which are little single use plastic cups of concentrated coffee. Just peel and shoot, and you’ve already got a cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine in your system. SToK shots are not technically Espresso shots, since Espresso is defined as going through a special process, but are cold brewed coffee that is concentrated. Another use of these is simply to add more kick to coffee, to pour over ice cream/desserts, or for use in some alcoholic cocktails (White Russian, eggnog, hard Irish cream).