Starbucks Nespresso Espresso Roast

I managed to find a pack of Starbucks Espresso Roast, though meant for an original Nespresso machine. While I’m sure we all know what a Keurig is, what is a Nespresso anyway?

The ‘original line’ (which this pack of Starbucks stuff I got is meant for) is practically similar to a Keurig; coffee capsules plop into a device to brew coffee. It’s actually somewhat pricier than a Keurig; and perhaps a bit better; there’s more puncture holes and thus more water exposure to the coffee grounds, for a richer and frothier brew. Until then, I’ll either just use the grounds in the Nespresso pods in my standard drip coffee brewer, or hope I find a deal at a thrift store for such a machine.