Why Dunkin’ spent $100M in 2019

A couple of weeks ago I discovered Dunkin’ Donuts cereal. It’s still on my shelf and while it’s a little too sweet for me for breakfast I do snack on it sometimes after dinner. I never been too personally experienced with the Dunkin’ brand I put it on my radar for the purposes of the new JAVAWAVA. Here’s a great, informative piece put out by CNBC a couple of years ago when Dunkin’ invested $100M in an ambitious effort to shore up their coffee operations.

But what about tea?

Tea is somewhat similar to coffee. Both are readily available, brewed in rapid succession, widespread, served hot, and containing caffeine. Of course however, tea is less popular, but that doesn’t make it any less good (or bad). The most commonly consumed tea is black and green tea; whilst for coffee it is Arabica and Robusta. These common teas have about 50% less caffeine per serving than coffee, and as a result has less of a hit on your sleep. This means it can be enjoyed even during evenings, (preferably chilled).

How to make a mocha

If you’re looking to make a mocha at home, then check out this video featuring Austin Childress of Carabello Coffee. Simply start with your favorite chocolate syrup, then mix together your espresso and steamed milk in a similar ratio to a traditional latte. In this case, we’re making about a 12oz mocha which consists of 2oz of espresso and then 10 ounces of steamed milk.

See the full recipe card here: https://www.roastycoffee.com/mocha/