Coffee cups made out of… Coffee

Sounds a little strange, doesn’t it? Drinking coffee out of a cup made out of coffee. It shouldn’t come too much of a surprise, since other plant matter is common in cups already (I’m talking about paper/cardboard cups). But, making cups out of coffee, specifically its waste materials, coffee grounds and husks, is a novel idea, now that we’re trying to curb excessive plastic usage.

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Uses for spent coffee grounds

After coffee is finished brewing, the grounds that gave birth to your cup of joe is often tossed away without any second thought. If your first thought is that the grounds can be reused as compost or fertilizer: you’re correct! Spent coffee grounds are great for rejuvenating destroyed forests (which was previously mentioned in my coffee sustainability post). But there’s several other uses as well, such as in culinary applications or even a part of a personal care routine.

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