Traitor Josh Hawley rolls out traitorous mug

Josh Hawley, who is still somehow a senator of the United States, is known for two things. He was the first senator in a disgraceful sham to try and undermine the U.S.’s election integrity. Second, he is most known for the Capitol Riots that took place last year on January 6, which were carried out by violent Trump supporters that breached the building and harmed or killed police officers (they also had the intent to do harm or kill certain government officials, such as high ranking Democrats, and perhaps even former VP Mike Pence). What did Josh Hawley do? He gave a salute to the rioters, a fist pump. Now, his campaign thought it was a wise idea to put that image on a coffee mug just recently.

“Terrorist fist jab” refers to that one time Fox (Faux) News called Obama’s fist bump a terrorist fist jab.
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