The greatest travel coffee mug I’ve ever owned in my life!

I take my coffee very seriously. I take coffee “on the go” even more painstakingly. Have you ever burned your fingers on a hot cup of Joe while in the car? Or even worse, been the victim of a faulty sip stopper or bad lid and spill the precious brown pick-me-up all over your tie, shirt, or lap? If any of these ring a familiar bell with you let me introduce the absolutely best travel mug I have ever had the privilege of using on a prolonged basis…

Please meet the Thermos Stainless Steel King Travel Tumbler!

I’ve owned cute travel mugs. I’ve owned cheap travel mugs. I’ve owned recommended by family and friends mugs. Nothing has ever come close to the beauty and function of my Thermos King!!! 🙂

The stainless steel construction makes this mug durable and easy to clean. The twist cap provides an air tight seal that will keep your beverage hot literally all day. The cap even has an integrated tea bag holder and a built-in air-tight slider mechanism to make sure nothing spills when it’s set to the “close” setting. On top of all that functionality they are sleek and shiny and modern looking. I bought my 2-pack (the silver one is mine and the blue one belongs to Ronan) at Costco last year but I couldn’t find it on their website when I looked today. The pack we bought is on Amazon and you can check it out here.