Black+Decker Mill & Brew Coffee Maker

Discover the coffee maker that’s as sophisticated as your tastes. The Black and Decker CM5000B Mill and Brew 12-Cup* Coffee Maker With Grinder turns your favorite whole beans into a satisfying cup that’s as strong or as mild as you want it. The Quick Touch programming panel includes controls for brew strength, time settings and an auto brew feature that lets you wake up to fresh coffee every morning. The gold tone permanent filter removes the need for wasteful paper filters and it’s attached to the integrated grinder. Both are completely removable and easy to clean. The Duralife carafe holds up to 12 cups and the clear-view window makes it easy to see how much water is in the machine. *Cup equals approximately 5 oz. (varies by brewing technique).

Disclaimer: Black+Decker and the Black+Decker logo are trademarks of The Black & Decker Corporation and are used under license.


This blog is dedicated to chilling out. For the past year, most of my attention (and perhaps everyone that isn’t a Trump supporter) were focused on the ugly face of Trumpism, and anxiously see the Trump administration leave. I would expect that most of us were eager to see the Biden Administration restore the world’s faith in America, and to lead the fight against COVID-19. Even during free time, our attentions would likely be towards finances/work, school, and finally to watch films or game.

I think it is safe to say that we have all lost or forgot what it was like to relax independent of technology (social media and dank memes) or outside the confines of our home, of which is to combat COVID-19 of course. Still, a walk outside, absorbing nature with a hot cup of coffee in the chilling winter afternoons, is more important than ever, and of course, it can be done safely.