Dunkin’ Donuts overhauls rewards program

Dunkin’ Donuts is probably the second biggest corporation in relation to coffee and coffeehouses, with Starbucks of course being top dog. Both being as big as they are, of course they have rewards programs. Dunkin’ Donuts longest running rewards program was known as DD Perks, which simply gave 5 points for every $1 spend, with 200 points ($40) granting a free beverage: Any size, any type, from coffee, tea, or a latte. Now its rewards program is known as Dunkin’ Rewards. It now doubles the points per dollar spent ($1=10 pts), and offers even more items, particularly food items.

The biggest slap to the face has to be the removal of the free beverage for birthdays. But hey, at least you can earn 3x more points on your birthday!

That’s good, right? Well, not if all you wanted was a coffee, a crafted drink, or ‘premium sips’ (frozen drink/signature latte), which is now 500, 700, and 900 points. That’s $50 for a free coffee, and up to $90 for a free latte. The only beverage that you can get every $40 spent is a measly tea. The only good thing out of the change is that there are now items that can be obtained for less points, such as 150 for an espresso shot, 3 donut holes, or 6 hash browns, and 250 points for a donut. If you save up, you can enjoy food items, such as a Wake-Up Wrap or a Bagel for 600 pts, and a Breakfast Sandwich for 800.

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