Folgers Black Silk Coffee

Just for the sake of simplicity and variety, I simply walked store aisles for different variants of coffee. As I am no snob, I really don’t mind purchasing lower end, conventionally grown coffee, especially for the purpose of comparing it to higher end variants or brands (I can’t let snobbery get in the way of my tasting adventure, and what is an adventure without wandering off the path?).

Anyways, today I have settled with Folgers Black Silk Coffee. Some may call it the Bud Light of coffee, but honestly, it’s not that bad, and it is at least better than flavored coffee beans/grounds and instant coffee.

A simple French press from IKEA.

As a dark coffee, it is roasted till it’s black, making for a robust, smoky and toasty cup of coffee, making it similar to the Starbucks Winter Blend, but with less oomph. Sipped black, this coffee pairs very well with anything sweet such as Oreo cookies, chocolate cake, or doughnuts. And for those with ‘sophisticated’ tastes, black silk coffee paired with very dark chocolate (70%-92% cocoa) emboldens their already strong and unique flavor (though I have yet to try that myself). Because the coffee is already very much roasted and strong, a cold brew or a French press is most ideal.

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