What are coffee naps?

Coffee and naps don’t exactly sound like a good pair; after all, isn’t the point of coffee to not sleep or nap? Surprisingly, a coffee nap, if one can take advantage of it, is very effective and simple. All that’s done is drinking a cup of coffee, and napping for around 30 minutes. How? First, let’s understand what adenosine is. Adenosine is a degradation of ATP (packaged energy produced by mitochondria), so it builds up while one is awake and binds to neuroreceptors in the brain. This will start to make us feel tired. Caffeine is structurally similar to adenosine, so it also binds to neuroreceptors in the brain; blocking adenosine will prevent you from feeling sleepier.

However, caffeine also must compete with adenosine for neuroreceptor access, so it’s less effective the more adenosine there is. Also, since caffeine only blocks adenosine, as it becomes fully metabolized, a surge of adenosine can hit, causing the notorious caffeine crash. However, sleep clears adenosine, causing its levels to drop. This is what makes a coffee nap work; the less adenosine there is for caffeine to compete with, the more effective it will be at making you feel alert and delaying tiredness (and you won’t feel as drowsy when waking from the nap).

Obviously, a coffee nap isn’t ideal for everybody, especially those who can’t just nap in the middle of the day, even if they felt like it. Mike himself rarely naps, so I can’t imagine him doing a coffee nap. Though I don’t nap often, I do go to sleep quite easily if I want to, so I’ll see just how effective this coffee nap is. There are additional factors affecting coffee naps, such as how caffeine metabolism; if someone metabolizes it too fast, a coffee nap’s benefits drop or are nonexistent.

A bad fad: Keurig, coffee from hell.

Coffee is one of the most important beverages in the world. It helps many people get through their day with its stimulative properties. It has an important role in social gatherings. It can also be quite tasty, considering its massive usage in desserts or as a pairing with desserts. Coffee is very varied, with over 120 species, and, a myriad of methods of growing and processing it, all of which can substantially affect its flavor and aroma. But, the fun part is brewing and consuming it. There are various methods of brewing coffee, alongside the infinite combinations of serving it (sweeteners, creamers, spices).

The most used brewing methods of coffee are already convenient, fast, and don’t compromise on its quality. So, what the Keurig? They decided that coffee brewing was too hard and time consuming, so much so they made it into a 3 step process. Insert a K-Cup into their proprietary coffee maker, press a button, place your cup, and wait 1-3 minutes for your single serving of coffee. Simple and convenient, right? Except, it’s not. Their coffee maker is useless on its own, as it entirely depends on K-Cups.

Enslaved coffee; it’s at least twice as expensive than normal coffee bags, and bad for the environment.

K-Cups are proprietary, tiny plastic cups that contain coffee grounds; various coffee brands manufacture these. Their coffee maker simply punctures the cup and brews it. The most basic machine has a starting price of around $50, with pricier ones providing additional brewing options (there’s not much you can customize, however). K-Cups are a significantly more expensive purchase than a bag of coffee too. At minimum, 200% more, and up to 500% more.

Any other coffee maker is better than Keurig’s ever will be.

When you consider that a real coffee maker, such as this Black & Decker, can make a cup of coffee a minute (12 cups; 12 minutes), is $60 and has a built in grinder. Keurig is the Apple of coffee; trying to oversimplify something that is already simple, and overpricing everything with inferior quality. K-Cups are rather polluting; mass manufactured plastic cups never bode well with the environment. And as mass produced goods go, Keurig K-Cups tend to be more inferior in quality than a normal bag of coffee (maximum freshness comes from using whole coffee beans, by the way)

Simple Coffee Jokes

‘Tis just a simple coffee joke/puns post. Hopefully you’ll understand them, not cringe as much, or haven’t heard of them all.

  • How does Moses make his coffee? Hebrews it. (Simple enough)
  • What do you call a cow that has just given birth? De-calf-inated.
  • “Yuck, why does this coffee taste like dirt?”. Well, it was just ground this morning. (Truth to be told, some coffees are quite earthy in taste)
  • How does a tech guy drink coffee? He installs Java! (You saw this coming)
  • What’s the name for a pot of coffee at work? Break fluid. (Think many can agree to this)
  • Every morning, I see this exhausted person that looks like they would murder someone for a cup of coffee. I really should move that mirror.
  • Why did the espresso keep checking his watch? Because he was pressed for time.
  • What kind of sugar does Lady Gaga use in her coffee? Raw-raw, aw-aw-aw.

Brand pairings: Hershey coffee mug and dark chocolate.

Apparently, a great place to get a plethora of coffee mugs, be it vintage, collectors, name brands, festive or expressive, is a thrift store. Why drop $20 on a new one when there’s mugs in great condition under $2? I found out that this Hershey’s Cup I got can run anywhere for $10-$20, so yippee! Hershey’s being a chocolate company and all, gave me a great idea to pair my favorite coffee and some Hershey’s Kisses together.

Bonus photos

The far side of the Hershey’s coffee cup.
S’mores syrup and chocolate liqueur.